How can we live

In a time where we see white men

high five

For killing a 16 year old boy Paul O’Neal

How can we have sons

Sleep next to us

And not see in this boy

Our boy

What is it that breaks the humanity in us

When we hear of yet


Black boy killed

And turn our hearts away

From seeing our sons

While instead crying our denials

That we are color blind

That we value all lives

When what we really mean to say is

But his

Not his

Not 5 year old black boys Kodi Gaines

Witness to his mothers murder

Bearing wounds on his small body

Not 12 year old sons Tamir Rice

Killed for toys

The black boys

Who don’t get to grow into men

We close our hearts

We close our eyes

We hold our own

And deny.



That the white sons we raise

Grow into the men who high five.


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